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The American Music Teacher Article of the Year Award is an award of $1,000 that is given annually to the author(s) of the most notable article published during the year in MTNA's journal, American Music Teacher.

Previous winners include:

2019 Jessica Johnson (Madison, Wisconsin)
2018 Amanda Gunderson (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)
2017 Merlin Thompson (Calgary, Alberta)
2016 Steven Brundage (South Carolina)
2015 Paola Savvidou (Missouri)
2014 Jessica Johnson (Wisconsin)
2013 Pamela D. Pike (Louisiana)
2012 Courtney Crappell (Texas)
2011 Lesley Sisterhen McAllister (Texas)
2010 Rhonda Ringering (Oregon)
2009 Judith Lang Zaimont (Arizona)
2008 Alison S. Barr (Massachusetts)
2007 Jessica Johnson (Wisconsin) and Midori Koga (Ontario)
2006 (Award renamed to 2007)
2005 William Westney (Texas)
2004 Douglas Lowry (Ohio)
2003 Linda Holzer (Arkansas)
2002 Kenneth Williams (Ohio)
2001 Midori Koga (Canada)
2000 Amy Greer (New Mexico)
1999 Gregory Pepetone (Georgia)
1998 Connie Arrau Sturm (West Virginia)
1997 Judith Tick (Massachusetts)
1996 Gregory Pepetone (Georgia)
1995 Hao Huang (California)
1994 Steven Roberson (Indiana)
1993 Christopher Hepp (Kansas)
1992 Steven Roberson (Indiana)
1991 Grant Beglarian (New York)
1990 Eileen Cline (Maryland)
1989 Edwin Gordon (Michigan)
1988 Alice Brandfonbrener (Illinois)