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The award, first presented in 2005, is given annually to an MTNA member whose service to MTNA at the national level has been significant and long term.

Previous winners incldude:

Year Recipient
2019 Ann Rivers Witherspoon (Texas)
2018 Ann Gipson (Texas)
2017 Benjamin D. Caton (Tennessee)
2016 MarySue Harris (Nebraska)
2015 Gail J. Berenson (Ohio)
2014 Ruth Pitts (Texas)
2013 Phyllis Pieffer (Washington)
2012 Linda Stump (Colorado)
2011 Philelle McBrayer (Oklahoma)
2010 Brian Chung (California)
2009 Wayne Gibson (Georgia)
2008 Martha Hilley (Texas)
2007 Joan Reist (Nebraska)
2006 Pat Tuley (Mississippi)
2005 Rex Whiddon (Georgia)