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The Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award rewards an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the keyboard pedagogy field.

Previous winners include:

Year Recipient
2017 Modules by Paul Sheftel (New York)
2016 Professional Piano Teaching by Jeanine Jacobson (Washington)
2015 With Your Own Two Hands: Self Discovery Through Music by Seymour Bernstein (New York)
2014 From The Top
2013 Intelligent Music Teaching: Essays on the Core Principles of Effective Instruction by Robert Duke (Texas)
2012 The Perfect Wrong Note by William Westney (Texas)
2011 3-D Piano: The Three-Dimensional Pianist by co-producers Fred Karpoff and Richard Breyer
2010 Home Concert Xtreme, produced by TimeWarp Technologies, owned by Frank Weinstock and George Litterst
2009 Two- and Three-part Inventions (sinfonias) and Well-tempered Clavier by Bach by Willard Palmer [published by Alfred Publishing]
2008 Piano Pedagogy Forum [Scott Price, editor-in-chief]
2007 Celebration Series, The Piano Odyssey [published by The Frederick Harris Music Co., Limited]
2006 Disklavier [Yamaha Corporation of America (California)]
2005 The Pianist's Repertoire by Maurice Hinson (Kentucky)
2004 The Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher, by Marienne Uszler (California)
2003 Creative Piano Teaching, by James Lyke (New York)
2002 Freeing The Caged Bird, by Barbara Lister-Sink (North Carolina)
2001 The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature, by Jane Magrath (Oklahoma)