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The Local Association of the Year Award recognizes the local MTA that makes the most significant contributions to the music teaching profession through participation in MTNA national programs and additional programs established within its state and local area.

Previous winners include:

Year Recipient
2019 Central Oklahoma MTA (Oklahoma)
2018 Laramie MTA (Wyoming)
2017 Lincoln MTA (Nebraska)
2016 Michibago MTA (Wisconsin)
2015 Tualatin Valley (Oregon) District
2014 Richmond Music Teachers Association (Virginia)
2013 Northwest Suburban Music Teacehrs Association (Illinois)
2012 Fox Valley (Wisconsin) Music Teachers Association
2011 Salt Creek (Illinois) Music Teachers Association
2010 Okanogan County Music Teachers Association (Washington)
2009 Lafayette Area MTA (Louisiana)
2008 Tidewater Music Teachers Forum (Virginia)
2007 Las Vegas MTA (Nevada)
2006 Baton Rouge MTA (Louisiana)
2005 Pikes Peak MTA (Colorado)
2004 Northern Virginia MTA (Virginia)
2003 Durham Triangle MTA (North Carolina)
2002 Abilene MTA (Texas)
2001 Baldwin County MTA (Alabama)