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This $3,000 award is given by the MTNA Foundation Fund to an independent music teacher to assist in developing and enhancing a newly established music teaching studio. The award is presented to the candidate who most clearly demonstrates a strong commitment to the music teaching profession. This award is made possible by the MarySue Harris Endowment Fund.

Previous winners include:

Year Recipient
2019 Jessica Welsh (Dallas, Texas)
2018 Katherine Acone (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
2017 Karen Lien (San Antonio, Texas)
2016 Marjorie Flint (Norman, Oklahoma)
2015 Erin M. Peyer (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
2014 Davis Dorrough (Edmond, Oklahoma)
2013 Jennifer Stadler (Bexley, Ohio)
2012 Christie Sowby (Highland, Utah)
2011 Miroslava Mintcheva (Fort Collins, Colorado)
2010 Jennifer Mansour (Edmond, Oklahoma)
2009 Ivy Jo Andreasen (Brigham City, Utah)
2008 Edward Moy (Indianapolis, Indiana)
2007 David McArthur (Fort Collins, Colorado)
2006 Norom Bou (Princeton, New Jersey)
2005 Sara Renaud (Columbia, Missouri)
2004 Joanna Grace (Madson, Wisconsin)
2003 Klondike Steadman (Georgetown, Texas)
2002 Thu Nguyen Carey (Sugarland, Texas)