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The Teacher of the Year Award recognizes an individual teacher who has made a difference in students' lives, has contributed to the advancement of music in their community and is an example of a professional music educator.

Previous winners include:

Year Recipient
2019 Frances H. Larimer (Illinois)
2018 Edward Francis (California) (posthumously)
2017 Susan T. McDuffie (Georgia)
2016 Fay S. Adams (Tennessee)
2015 Samuel S. Holland (Texas)
2014 Martha Hilley (Texas)
2013 Tamás Ungár (Texas)
2012 Ingrid Jacobson Clarfield (New Jersey)
2011 Sue Steck-Turner (Louisiana)
2010 William and Mary Ann Knight (Georgia)
2009 Marie Burnette (North Carolina)
2008 Amanda Ward Penick (Alabama)
2007 Naegeli Von Bergen Metcalf (Georgia)
2006 Ginger Yang Hwalek (Maine)
2005 Ruth Pitts (Texas)
2004 Eileen Geske (North Dakota)
2003 Margaret Saunders Ott (Washington)
2002 Joanne Smith (Florida)
2001 Janice McCurnin (Arizona)
2000 Ellen Masaki (Hawaii)