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Christine A. and Michael J. Bates Rebecca Grooms Johnson
Gail J. Berenson Frances Larimer
Natalie E. Bookstaver Margaret S. Lorince*
Sharon T. and John Callahan Sigrid Luther
Benjamin D. Caton Iris and Morty* Manus
Robin Chadwick Natalie Matovinovic
Brain K. Chung Carol J. Nelson
Frances Clark* Loran Olsen
Sylvia and Charles Casey Coats Ada Belle Petterson*
Annette and Dick Conklin Phyllis I. Pieffer
W. Earl Cox* Ruth and Bill Pitts
Jerry Davidson Marcella Poppen*
Carol Dennes Joan M. Reist
Thomas Ediger* Helene M. Robinson
Evelyn Lindblad Folland Mary Katherine Sallee
R. Wayne Gibson Brian Shepard
Louise Goss* Dorcas Snow*
Jeanne Grealish Jane Snow*
Celinda Hallbauer Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz
Jesse Hankla Gladys Stein*
MarySue Harris Suzanne Torkelson
Charlotte Heerman Sharon Van Valin
Jacqueline Herbein L. Rexford and Lynn Whiddon
Gary L. Ingle Benjamin Whitten*


* Deceased

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Learn why MTNA Past President Joan M. Reist became a member of the Legacy Society.

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Would you like to make an investment in the future? If you would like to make a planned gift or fully fund an endowment of $20,000, the Legacy Society allows you to contribute to a more musical tomorrow.

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