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The MTNA e-Journal Article of the Year Award is an award of $1,000 that is given annually to the author(s) of the most notable article published during the year in MTNA's online journal, the MTNA e-Journal.

Previous winners include:

Year Recipient(s)
2019 Adrienne Wiley (Michigan)
2018 Diana Dumlavwalla (Florida)
2017 William Westney, Cynthia M. Grund, James Yang, Aimee Cloutier, Jesse Latimer, Michael O’Boyle, Dan Fang and Jiancheng Hou
2016 Paola Savvidou, NCTM, Brad Willis, Mengyuan Li and Marjorie Skubic (Missouri)
2015 Gilles Comeau (Ottawa)
2014 Kevin Richmond (Tennessee)