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MTNA provides awards in a number of areas, including:

  • MTNA Collegiate Chapter of the Year
  • Distinguished Composer of the Year
  • American Music Teacher Article of the Year
  • MTNA e-Journal¬†Article of the Year
  • Student Competitions
  • Studio Teacher Fellowship Award
  • Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award
  • Local Association of the Year
  • State Affiliate of the Year
  • MTNA Achievement Award
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Distinguished Service Award

Why I Give to the MTNA Foundation

I have always been passionate about the nurturing and education of private music teachers, particularly in rural areas, where the need is so great.  In addition to honoring outstanding student musicians and composers, the MTNA Foundation actively supports and rewards the private music teacher with the Teacher Enrichment Grant program and the Student Achievement Recognition (StAR) award program as a well as other beneficial projects.  Bravo!

Arlene Krueger, former member MTNA Board of Directors