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MTNA Foundation Fund Grants

The purpose of the MTNA Foundation Fund is to support MTNA’s three-pillar Strategic Plan to (1) Engage the Public, (2) Sustain the Profession, and (3) Inspire the Member. One way to accomplish this purpose is through the MTNA Grants program. Below are funding opportunities, available to MTNA members and non-members alike, as well as affiliate organizations.

Partnership Development Grants

This funding area is comprised of grant programs designed to increase the number of all people making and teaching music:

Program Development Grants provide seed funds of up to $5,000 to any organization to assist in developing materials to be used for applying for larger funding from other foundations.

Community Engagement Grants provide financial support of up to $750 to any individual, affiliate, or collegiate chapter, and focus on projects that engage the community in making music, appreciating music, or attending live music events.

Professional Development Grants

This funding area is comprised of grants to ensure the long-term future of the profession:

Enrichment Grants provide financial support of up to $750 for the purpose of professional development, continuing education, or personal/community enrichment.

  1. Teacher Enrichment Grants, to any individual member/nonmember
  2. Affiliate Enrichment Grants, to any local or state affiliate
  3. Collegiate Chapter Enrichment Grants, to any collegiate chapter. 

Collegiate Travel Grants provide travel stipends ($100) for collegiate students to attend MTNA events. 

Make a Contribution

Contributing to the MTNA Foundation Fund is easy. Select the option that best fits you:

Contribute Now

Make a Contribution - PDF Form


Leave a Legacy

Would you like to make an investment in the future? If you would like to make a planned gift or fully fund an endowment of $20,000, the Legacy Society allows you to contribute to a more musical tomorrow.

Leave a Legacy—Planned Giving Form