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Establishing an endowment with the MTNA Foundation Fund provides a lasting legacy of support for the music teaching profession.

Below are the basic guidelines for establishing an endowment with MTNA:

  • A Named Endowment may be established with a minimum contribution of $20,000 to the MTNA Foundation Fund.
  • Named Endowments may be established by an individual (in one’s own name) or by a group on behalf of an individual.
  • To streamline communication, groups must designate one group member to serve as the primary contact and initiator of the named endowment.
  • Named endowments must be 90 percent funded before public announcement.
  • A named endowment must be fully funded within three (3) years of its launch date. If not fully funded within this period, all funds received will be transferred to the MTNA General Endowment Fund.

Any individual or group desiring to establish a named endowment must agree to the above parameters prior to MTNA’s acceptance of funds. If all points are acceptable, here are the next steps:

  • Notify MTNA of your intention to establish a named endowment.
  • Discuss with MTNA the potential goals/uses for the endowment.
  • If you are funding an individual endowment, send your contribution.
  • If you represent a group, begin the fund-raising effort.
  • MTNA will work with group to track fundraising progress.
  • When 90 percent funded, MTNA will work with you to plan the public announcement.

For information about establishing an endowment fund, please contact MTNA at (888) 512-5278 or