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Joyce B. Andersen Endowment Fund

Joyce B. Andersen taught piano in Great Falls, Montana, for more than 50 years. She touched thousands with her teaching and musical talents. She was a member of the Great Falls and Montana State Music Teachers’ Associations and MTNA from 1955 to 2012. This endowment was initiated in loving memory and in celebration of her life by her daughter, Ronelle Joy Armstrong, for the purpose of supporting music programs for students, teachers and public education in the state of Montana and MTNA’s Northwest Division. 

Marvin Blickenstaff Endowment Fund

Marvin Blickenstaff's many contributions to the field of piano performance and pedagogy are recognized by the establishment of this fund by his many friends and colleagues. A long-time MTNA member, he has made a significant impact on teachers throughout the country through his teaching, lecturing, performing and publishing. This endowment supports grants to teachers and students.

Celia Mae Bryant Endowment Fund

The Oklahoma Music Teachers Association and other friends and colleagues established this endowment in 1996 to recognize the achievements and contributions of the late Celia Mae Bryant. Bryant was a former president of MTNA, the MTNA Southwest Division and the Oklahoma MTA. This fund supports teacher enrichment grants.

Robin Chadwick Endowment Fund

The laste Robin Chadwick, NCTM, a native of Washington State, was a graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy, Mannes College of Music, and she received a master’s degree in piano performance at Southern Illinois University. She maintained a private studio for more than 40 years and taught at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois, and St. Martin’s University in Olympia, Washington. She retired from teaching and moved to Southern California, where she was an active adjudicator and clinician. Chadwick performed duo piano concerts throughout the United States for 25 years with Lynn Lewis. She was inducted into the Washington State MTA Hall of Fame in 2013, and became an MTNA Foundation Fellow in 2015.

Richard Chronister Endowment Fund

This endowment fund was established by MTNA to honor Richard Chronister, who was both a leading expert and pioneer in the field of piano pedagogy. This endowment supports MTNA teacher enrichment grants.

Brian K. Chung Endowment Fund

This endowment was established in 2015 by Brian K. Chung, who served more than 31 years as senior vice president of Kawai America Corporation. He is a frequent conference speaker and published author/arranger who served as chair of the MTNA Foundation Fund Development Committee for over 20 years. Named MTNA Foundation Fellow in 2004, he is also the recipient of the 2010 MTNA Distinguished Service Award and the 2019 MTNA Citation for Leadership.

Frances Clark-Louise Goss Endowment Fund

The enormous impact Frances Clark and Louise Goss of New Jersey have made on modern piano teaching is recognized through this endowment, which funds teacher enrichment grants.

Marjorie Means Cogswell Endowment Fund

The children of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Cogswell of Goodland, Kansas, have established the Marjorie Means Cogswell Endowment Fund for financing teacher enrichment grants. A long-time MTNA member, Marjorie Cogswell was an active piano teacher in western Kansas for more than 30 years.

Fern Nolte Davidson Endowment Fund

This fund, established by the Idaho Music Teachers Association, honors the late Fern Nolte Davidson, a piano and piano pedagogy teacher at Albertson College of Idaho for 35. Davidson was a long-time MTNA member. Endowment income is used to fund teacher enrichment grants for teachers from the state of Idaho and MTNA's Northwest Division.

Guy Duckworth Endowment Fund

Guy Duckworth (1924–2015) was a pioneer of group piano pedagogy, an outstanding musician and a creative and innovative teacher. He forever changed the lives of those who had the privilege of studying with him. Duckworth’s vision came to fruition in the unique graduate programs that he created at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where students’ musical growth and personal growth developed hand in hand. He also held faculty positions at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University. Duckworth received many honors including Pioneer in Piano Studies by the National Conference on Piano Pedagogy, Northwestern University Fellow and the 2004 MTNA Achievement Award.

Evelyn Lindblad Folland Endowment Fund

Established by Ms. Folland in 1997, this endowment annually provides an award to the second place winner of the national MTNA Senior Piano Competition. Through the years, 11 of Folland's students have been state winners in MTNA competitions.

Richard and Ann Gipson Endowment Fund

Richard and Ann Gipson are both committed to the music teaching profession. Richard has served as the director of the School of Music and professor of music at Texas Christian University since 2005 after serving for 26 years on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma. Ann directs the Piano Pedagogy Program at Texas Christian University and throughout her career has served on the faculties of Baylor University, Oklahoma Baptist University, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Delta State University and the University of Kentucky. She is a past president of the Oklahoma MTA and is MTNA Immediate Past President.

MarySue Harris Endowment Fund

MarySue Harris, a long-time MTNA member from Nebraska, has devoted her teaching career to nurturing young music students. Her commitment to pedagogy and the beginning music teacher led to her establishment of the MarySue Harris Endowment Fund. This fund supports the Studio Teacher Fellowship Award.

Beth Miller Harrod Endowment Fund

Beth Miller Harrod, was a long-time member of the Nebraska Music Teachers Association, a founder and artistic director of Rocky Ridge Music Center in Estes Park, Colorado, and had a long tenure on the faculty of Nebraska Wesleyan University. This endowment fund supports teacher enrichment grants.

Jacqueline Clement Herbein Endowment Fund

Established in 2018 with the support and generosity of her husband William, this fund supports travel grants for MTNA Performance Competition National Finalists. Jacqueline Herbein, NCTM, has been actively involved with the MTNA competitions since 1999, both as a teacher and accompanist and served as Pennsylvania and Eastern Division Competitions Coordinator for many years prior to becoming the National Junior Competitions Coordinator in 2012. She is a longtime board member of the Pennsylvania MTA, became MTNA Eastern Division Director-elect in 2019, an MTNA Foundation Fellow in 2017 and recipient of Pennsylvania’s Teacher of the Year award in 2005.

Maurice Hinson Endowment Fund

Initiated by the Kentucky MTA, many colleagues, friends and students contributed to the MTNA Foundation Fund to recognize the achievements of Maurice Hinson throughout his long career in the music profession. This endowment will support MTNA programs and awards, including teacher enrichment grants.

Laurel T. and Joe Ince Endowment Fund

Laurel T. Ince, NCTM, received a BM degree from Trinity University and has been an independent piano teacher since 1950. In 2007, she was named an MTNA Foundation Fellow. Laurel has been a Texas MTA trustee chairman, exhibit chairman and a member of the executive board. She was named TMTA Teacher of the Year in 1995. Laurel has been president of the Austin MTA. Her husband Joe Ince is an honorary member of the Texas MTA. He is member of the Founders Council at Round Top Festival Institute, as well as a Life Member of National Federation of Music Clubs. Joe has been a regular attendee and supporter of MTNA and Texas MTA conferences. He also supports the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Gary L. Ingle Endowment Fund

Gary Ingle is the executive director and CEO of MTNA. Prior to his 1996 appointment, he was executive director of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity. Ingle's academic career spanned 10 years with Southwest Baptist University. This endowment will support MTNA programs.

Margaret Lorince Endowment Fund

This fund honors the late Margaret Lorince, former MTNA president and chair of the MTNA Foundation Board of Trustees. As chair of the MTNA Pedagogy Committee, she was instrumental in the establishment of MTNA's Pedagogy Saturday.

Iris and Morty Manus Endowment Fund

In 2002, the Iris and Morty Manus Endowment Fund was established by Iris and Morty Manus, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc., in recognition of their commitment to the music teaching profession. This endowment supports MTNA programs and awards.

Natalie Matovinovic Endowment Fund

Natalie Matovinovic of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has chosen to leave a legacy to generations of future music teachers and students through the establishment of this fund in 2002. She has been an active member of the Michigan Music Teachers Association and MTNA for many years and her students have won many awards, scholarships and state, division and national MTNA piano competitions. This endowment supports MTNA programs and awards.

Janice McCurnin Endowment Fund

Established in 2001, this fund celebrates the many years of service to MTNA and the music teaching profession given by the late Janice McCurnin of Arizona. MTNA's 2001 Teacher of the Year, McCurnin taught for more than 50 years and donated her time teaching underprivileged students. This endowment provides funds for teacher enrichment grants.

Marguerite Miller Endowment Fund

Friends, colleagues and former students of Marguerite Miller established this fund in 2002 as a tribute to her great contributions to music and music teaching. Always dedicated to innovation in her teaching, she was a strong proponent of group teaching and the use of technology in the studio. Miller has been a long-time member of MTNA and the Kansas Music Teachers Association. She was on the faculty of Wichita State University for 37 years. This endowment supports MTNA programs and awards.

Michiko Morita Miyamoto

Michiko Miyamoto (1916–2017), one of the five original founders of the Seattle Young Artists Music Festival, inspired all who knew her, not only as an exceptional teacher, pianist and musician, but with her steadfast wisdom and a generosity in teaching that will continue to touch teachers and young people with an avenue to learn and grow in their music education.

Carol J. Nelson Endowment Fund

Instituted by a generous contribution from Carol Nelson, former chair of the MTNA FOUNDATION Board of Trustees, this fund is used toward teacher enrichment grants, primarily for voice teachers.

Ohio Music Teachers Association Endowment Fund

Ohio Music Teachers Association was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1938. The state of Ohio was actually the birthplace of MTNA. MTNA was founded in 1876 by Theodore Presser and 62 colleagues in Delaware, Ohio, and is America’s oldest professional music association. OhioMTA’s goals are to offer music students a variety of opportunities such as recitals, festivals, competitions and master classes experiences. For the professional music teacher, OhioMTA nurtures the development of teachers through district programs/workshops and at state and national conferences. OhioMTA’s membership represents teachers from eight districts on every instrument and voice. With Ohio’s high number or colleges, universities and conservatories, OhioMTA has 11 active collegiate chapters.

Loran Olsen Endowment Fund

Loran Olsen of the Washington State Music Teachers Association established this fund in 2002 to foster greater understanding of the traditional music and dance of worldwide cultures. Professor emeritus at Washington State University where he taught piano, composition and theory, Olsen has done extensive work with Native American music. This endowment supports a teacher or Local Association Grants program for projects in diversity.

Margaret Saunders Ott Endowment Fund

The late Margaret Mae Saunders Ott of the Washington State Music Teachers Association has guided and nurtured countless piano students and teachers through the years. Her legacy continues with this endowment fund by providing awards for teacher enrichment grants.

Robert L. Pace Endowment Fund

The late Robert Pace's philosophy regarding professional growth for teachers is underscored through his named endowment. Pace, of New York, made a significant impact on the music teaching profession. This endowment supports MTNA programs and awards.

Amanda Ward Penick Endowment Fund

Funded through the generosity of MTNA members and the Gloria Narramore Moody Foundation, this endowment supports teacher enrichment grants benefiting Alabama and MTNA Southern Division teachers. This is in honor of Penick, who was a professor and past president of the Alabama Music Teachers Association.

Ruth and Bill Pitts Endowment Fund

Funded through the generosity of Ruth and Bill Pitts, this fund honors Ruth, a long-time MTNA member from Texas and her husband Bill. Ruth has served as Texas MTA president and MTNA South Central Division Director.

Sandra Preysz Endowment Fund

Sandra Lewis Preysz, NCTM, has been a member of the Utah Music Teachers Association State Board for more than 39 years, serving in various capacities including Membership chair and State Newsletter editor. She is equally devoted to the National Federation of Music Clubs and Utah Federation of Music Clubs and serves as the Festivals chair for both organizations. Preysz attended the University of Utah, where she graduated magna cum laude with a BA degree in English. She currently teaches more than 75 students. In her free time, Preysz loves to read, sail, ski, play tennis, cook and travel the world.

Shirley A. Raut Endowment Fund

In honor of Shirley Raut's retirement, the MTNA Foundation established this endowment in 1997. The fund is a tribute to Raut's dedicated and distinguished service as executive director of MTNA and director of the MTNA Foundation. It supports MTNA programs and awards.

Helene M. Robinson Endowment Fund

The late Helene M. Robinson, from Oregon, is recognized for her extensive experience as a soloist, accompanist, chamber musician, clinician, adjudicator and author. This fund she established, is a symbol of her contribution and commitment to music and the music teaching profession. Proceeds fund teacher enrichment grants.

Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz Endowment Fund

Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz, duo-pianists, have appeared in concerts worldwide to critical acclaim since 1951. They directed The Stecher and Horowitz School of the Arts for 39 years, until 1999, establishing The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation and The New York International Piano Competition in 2002. In their diversified endeavors the virtuosity and versatility of Stecher and Horowitz have earned them a unique and unparalled reputation admired throughout the world of music. This endowment supports MTNA programs.

Robert Steinbauer Endowment Fund

Friends and colleagues of Robert Steinbauer have honored him for his great contributions to the music teaching profession through this endowment. He is a past president of the Kansas Music Teachers Association and the MTNA West Central Division. He also was a member of the MTNA Board of Directors. This fund supports teacher enrichment grants.

Elnora Hartman Stickley Endowment Fund

The South Bend Area Music Teachers Association established this endowment to honor former local president, the late Elnora Hartman Stickley. Teacher enrichment grants funded through this endowment benefit Indiana and MTNA East Central Division teachers.

Texas Music Teachers Association Endowment Fund

The first meeting of Texas Music Teachers Association was held in 1886 with 44 members. Today, TMTA has more than 2,100 members. The TMTA Convention has been held annually since 1915. Student affiliate membership was established for students in grades 1–12 in 1951 and has grown from 41 members to more than 15,000. In 1980, TMTA founded the Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation. TMTA-SA activities include the: World of Music and Theory Tests; Original Composition, Performance, Publication and Video Contests; and Ensemble Program. Other activities include: All-Star Festival, Digital Keyboard Orchestra, Chamber Music Clinic, Convention Projects and June Leondar Chamber Music Ensemble Contest.

Mary and Donald Veverka Endowment Fund

Through the generosity of family, friends and colleagues, this fund was established to honor the memory of Mary and Donald Veverka of Illinois. An MTNA master teacher, Mary was a dedicated teacher and performer who shared her passion for music with hundreds of piano students. Her husband Donald shared her love of music and supported her teaching and performing. This fund supports MTNA programs and awards.

Benjamin Whitten Endowment Fund

A well-known teacher of piano, the late Benjamin Whitten was devoted to music teaching, MTNA, and collegiate students. He established the Benjamin Whitten Endowment Fund which awards the MTNA Collegiate Chapter of the Year award.

Pee-Yaw Lim Wilkes Endowment Fund

Pee-Yaw Lim Wilkes’s piano talent was recognized at an early age by Russian pianist Alexander Gilmalosky. At age 16, she was awarded a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London, where she earned multiple diplomas including LRSM, LRAM and ACRM. Wilkes’s music career spanned a vast gamut of performing; producing the highest caliber, competitive level students; piano adjudication; lecturing nationally and internationally; and holding leadership roles as Northern Arizona MTA president, Arizona State MTA president and MTNA Southwest Division president. These organizations have honored her with many awards including an MTNA 50-Year Member Award and the Arizona State MTA Honorary Life Member Award.

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