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Each year, large companies and organizations across North America award sizable grants to community-based programs that demonstrate the ability to serve the needs of specific groups in their region. Grants can often range from $50,000–$100,000. To secure such significant funding, a program must prepare an extensive grant application that often requires high-level writing skills and a well-produced video or other project as evidence of past success. Too often, deserving programs that lack the resources or skills to create such materials can never qualify.

With this situation in mind, MTNA awards Program Development Grants that provide “seed funds,” of up to $5,000, to assist in the creation of application materials that can lead to larger funding from other organizations. This grant is not for operational funding.

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Below is a project that was awarded a MTNA Program Development grant in the past.

  • Implementation of new website

Grant Applications Are Now Available

The MTNA Foundation Fund is committed to keeping America’s musical future alive for future generations through the Grants program. A variety of grants are available to MTNA members and non-members alike, as well as affiliate organizations.

Program Development Grant
Community Engagement Grant
Affiliate Enrichment Grant
Teacher Enrichment Grant

Leave a Legacy

Would you like to make an investment in the future? If you would like to make a planned gift or fully fund an endowment of $20,000, the Legacy Society allows you to contribute to a more musical tomorrow.

Leave a Legacy—Planned Giving Form